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Dear visitors!

Please familiarize yourself with the privacy policy to Stomach flu symptoms stay on your blog.

Blog automatically collects information about some elements of hardware and software on your computer. This information can include: your IP address, browser type, rezyulyutsiya your monitor, hours of access to our site and you visit websites. This information can be used by the blog for statistical purposes and to improve the quality of pages read to us.

We guarantee that the above information and e-mail addresses that you leave the blog for leaving comments and subscribe to RSS by email shall be used solely in connection with the normal operation of the blog and not shared with third parties.

A blog showing pages of ads from third parties. Some of these ads may use cookies (cookies) and / or web beacons to record and read information on your browser. This information may include IP address, ISP, browser details, which you visited our site and others. To prevent the recording of cookies on your computer, please disable the recording of cookies by changing your browser options.

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