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1 Flu symptoms 2013: Summer Flu - Particularly at risk are children.

Summer Flu

* The impact of the summer flu are no less dangerous. Particularly at risk are children.

Most often in people's minds the word flu is associated with winter, aching joints and muscles, irritating cough, nausea and dizziness. Besides the usual flu viruses during the cold time of year there are a separate group of flu strains that cause diseases from May to October. Unlike winter flu attacking respiratory and urinary system

summer viruses damaging mainly the gastrointestinal tract.

Consequences of the summer flu the body are no less dangerous than other types of influenza viruses.

Flu Symptoms

Warning signs of the development of flu infection is manifested in several symptoms.
Mild sore throat, fever up to thirty-nine degrees, but the main complaints come from the digestive system.
Start colic in the gastrointestinal tract, passing mucous stools repeatedly during the day, vomiting of gastric juice. Hence the danger of the loss of the mineral salts and the dehydration of the body, accumulation of toxins from the activity of viruses.

Chronically ill people can get tosevere intoxication, peritonitis, volvulus, occurrence of chronic colitis.

Especially endangered group young children are rapidly dried, and their immune system is not yet formed as in adults.

Flu Prevention

To prevent viral diseases in the summer is not enough respect for good personal hygiene and healthy food. The main factor for the stop any infection is the health of the immune system.And something that can not be achieved with the drugs or the release of major errors in the diet.

Consequences of the summer flu are not only for digestive system are affected and joint system, the endocrine system and the formation of lasting immunodeficiency. This is at full strength for children under ten years of age and older with long-term chronic diseases. The basic operation for the treatment and prophylaxis of viral diseases is directed to the stabilization of internal reserves of the organism.

In conclusion:

What causes summer flu?

Summer flu is a viral infection that is caused by influenza viruses A and B.
Flu symptoms were pain, chills, fever, and cough or throat irritation. Influenza is common during the winter months, but you can catch the flu at any time of year, even in summer.

Symptoms of summer flu


Complications of summer flu

In rare cases may develop complications of the summer flu and ear infections or pneumonia.

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