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1 Few simple measures to prevent Norovirus 2014

 Over the past recent months many people are asking what to do to protect themselves from norovirus. Recently in the news constantly reports of an outbreak of norovirus in several states and several cruise ships. This time, however, he changed into a different more resistant new Norovirus strain called Sydney (first discovered in Australia in 2012.). In addition to bad seasonal flu, which rages across the country, this is yet another health threat from which we must guard. I will try to provide you some information useful to reduce the risk of contracting norovirus. First, let me give you some information about this virus.

What is norovirus? 

You may have heard that Norovirus is a disease during the cruise because it often breaks out on cruise ships. Norovirus is often confused with "food poisoning" because it can get infected by eating food contaminated with the virus.
Norovirus however, spread on land, annually infects about 20 million people.

Norovirus lasts between 2 and 4 days with vomiting and diarrhea, leading to dehydration. Noroviruses can even resemble flu because both viral diseases have several similar symptoms. However, they are caused by the completely different viruses, and appear differently. Unlike the flu for norovirus has no vaccine and no specific drugs to treat symptoms such as Tamiflu in flu.

How to tell if you have flu or norovirus?

Flu, although similar symptoms with norovirus as nausea / vomiting, fever, muscle aches and fatigue is a viral disease that affects the respiratory system and is accompanied by character sentencing cough. Norovirus is a virus affecting the digestive system and is typically manifested by the following symptoms:
  • Rapid onset of stomach cramps, nausea / vomiting / diarrhea 
  • Noroviruses can lead to severe dehydration complications 
Although norovirus is usually not serious in most people, it may become one in very young children and the elderly due to dehydration. This is a complication of the virus from the loss of fluids in vomiting and diarrhea.

Important if you touch a norovirus is to make every effort to make up for lost fluids by drinking small sips of water or eat a few tablespoons of chicken soup, which will contribute to fluid retention in your body.

Dehydration can lead to other complications such as irregular heartbeat from electrolyte imbalance. Can lead to fainting. You may remember the case when Secretary of State Hillary Clinton fainted and hit his head. This was due to norovirus spent her last week. Dehydration can take you to the emergency room for intravenous fluids. Symptoms of dehydration include:
  • Dry mouth and throat 
  • Dizziness, loss of balance upright 
  • Less urination with darker than normal urine 

How to reduce the risk of infection with norovirus 

Noroviruses spread in public places where there are crowds. It is the leading cause of disease caused by contaminated food. Particularly vulnerable are public salad bars, buffets offering leafy vegetables, fresh fruit and oysters, mussels and shrimp in which the food is touching many people. Wash your hands for at least 30 seconds with hot water and soap. Hand disinfectants kill the flu virus, but have little effect on norovirus.

With norovirus you catch and fruit and vegetables bought from the supermarket, if grasped by many people. Be sure to thoroughly wash fruits and vegetables before you eat them. Norovirus is often spread by touching contaminated surfaces and then touching a hand to mouth, nose, eyes, where the virus can enter the body. Try not to touch your face, at least not before you wash your hands before.

People infected with norovirus by the moment the virus gets into them and remain infectious after a few days, the symptoms recede. If you are caring for sick norovirus, can reduce the spread of the virus by wearing gloves when collecting his clothes for washing. Wash your laundry at the highest temperature. Use detergent with bleach to clean surfaces in case of vomiting and / or diarrhea.

You can strengthen your own immune system in the following ways:

1. Optimal levels of vitamin D, make sure that your levels of vitamin D were more than 30 ng / dL (this will have to do a blood test). Take 500 mg of vitamin D daily during flu season.
2. Optimal levels of vitamin C. 500-1000 mg vitamin C, in divided doses throughout the day to assist the prevention of viral infections.
3. Optimum nutritious food. Make sure you have enough antioxidants, omega-3 fats, antiviral herbs such as garlic, onion, ginger in food. Also take a good multivitamin additional vitamin D3 and 1-2000 mg omega-3 fatty acids per day.

No need to get sick from norovirus. Following the most basic precautions such as simple hand washing and avoiding touching the face, along with the optimization of food so as to strengthen your immune system will do wonders for maintaining your health and preventing viruses throughout the winter.

Be healthy!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

2 Why men are more vulnerable to the flu virus?

Men with more testosterone are more likely to get sick from the flu, as they have a weak immune system, finds a new study by scientists from Stanford University in the U.S.A.

Scientists say high levels of testosterone are directly related to the weakness of the immune system. To this conclusion they reached after watching a weakened response to vaccines against influenza virus in men with more testosterone. The data obtained are one of the versions explaining the greater sensitivity of males to various infections.

Men with high testosterone produced less anti-viral antibodies in the application of the flu vaccine, but did those with lower levels of the hormone in plasma had a profound immune response to force , as in women.

Science has long known that men are more susceptible to bacterial, viral and parasitic infections and less influenced not only by the influenza vaccines, but also against those for yellow fever , measles, hepatitis and other diseases.

Unlike men women exhibit beneficial effects of vaccination because of increased concentrations of immune cells.

According to the study authors first study focuses on gender differences in the immune system, however , the findings show that gender is a major determinant clear variability of the immune response.
The obvious question that arises: why nature has created the male sex hormone like Achilles heel ?

As testosterone hormone determines the strength and masculinity , the severity of muscle and body hair on men . Why their increased resistance poses a risk to weaken the resistance of men to various infectious diseases ?

Scientists propose an evolutionary explanation for this - the representatives of males are more prone to violence and injuries and that somewhere weakens the immune system. At the same time, it plays a life-saving role as a higher incidence of infection that is triggered by aggressive behavior and walking hunting restricts men for acts of violence and unnecessary risk.

In addition , they are more susceptible to influenza, men with higher levels of testosterone, apparently will fight harder and with flu symptoms. To fight flu symptoms need our body to produce anti bodies that fight the flu virus. When we are unable to produce these anti bodies, we are unable to deal with the flu symptoms.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

0 The cases of infected with bird flu in China grow , but there is no danger of an epidemic.

bird flu H7N9 2014

On Tuesday, January 28 , the total number of people infected in China for 2014 H7N9 virus reached 100 . However, experts say there is no danger of an epidemic during the weekends for the most important holiday in the country - the Spring festival , or Chinese New Year .

In recent days, almost daily reports of new cases of people infected with the virus H7N9. On Tuesday, January 28 , in the eastern Zhejiang province were reported 4 new cases that number this year has reached 53 people .

According to the initial infection with the virus H7N9, which was announced in February 2013, so far in mainland China they are already over 245 people , they died by Tuesday, January 28 are 56. In May last year the cases declined , but as happens generally with flu virus during the winter months at the end of 2013 cases of people infected with the new strain again started to increase. In January according to the National Center for Control and Prevention of Disease , the number of people infected has exceeded 100, and the deceased 19.

Despite rapid growth in the number of people infected with bird flu , authorities say that the likelihood of a major epidemic remains small, given that the transmission of the virus from person to person has been sporadic.

Feng Dzadzyan is deputy director of the National Center for Control and Prevention of Disease .

" In epidemiology work with an index that defines the diseases that can be spread among the people. If the disease can spread , the index will be greater than one. This means that the disease can be transferred from one person to more . However, when the index is below unity , the disease will not spread on a large scale . Our analysis of the H7N9 virus and its index by 0.09 points show that there is a serious danger of the outbreak . "

WHO also said that so far there is no evidence of " stable " transfer of the virus between humans. Chinese authorities take draconian measures to limit the reach of people living birds. Cities in Hangzhou , Ningbo and Dzinhua trade in live birds was banned and Hong Kong , where one paid Guangdong Province chickens was discovered virus H7N9, were slaughtered 20,000 birds. authorities in SAR banned imports of live poultry from mainland China and sell them for three weeks.

Shu Yuelun is director of the National Center for flu. According to him, there is no danger of bird flu epidemic during the Spring holiday, which is a peak period travel in the country.

" The disease is spread primarily from birds to humans. During peak travel for spring holiday, regardless of the massive gathering of people in one place , no particular risks of spreading disease . So exodus will not lead to the outbreak of the epidemic. "

He added that this should not soothe ordinary citizens. Authorities will step up monitoring for potential virus carriers in key transportation hubs , airports, railway stations and bus stations . Passengers who were with temperatures above 38 degrees and have had contact with live birds will be required to undergo a medical examination before you set off.

China has made progress in developing a vaccine against H7N9. Hunanskata company " Hualan Bioengineering " in early January announced that the vaccine being developed by its subsidiary " Hulan Biobakterin " has passed initial approval of health authorities , but it will take time until the produce it

The meeting with the media, dedicated to current concerns about bird flu , Chief Executive of Hong Kong Lan Chunin , questioned whether residents should continue with the habit to buy live poultry markets . According to him, this practice should be reconsidered , since even a single case of bird flu in Hong Kong, forcing residents to pay a social price for their health.

Lan Chunin added that all the Hong Kong society, including poultry dealers , restaurants and other sectors should pay attention to the advice of the authorities and personal hygiene, as well as to comply with health orders.

Every time after registration of a case of infection with H7N9 authorities SAR killing thousands and even millions of birds to ensure that the infection does not spread .

Last Sunday , Deputy Prime Minister of China Liu Yandun also spoke specifically on the topic of avian flu , indicating the need for coordinated efforts to prevent and control infection .

Under the plan for the diagnosis and treatment of people infected with the virus H7N9, which was announced last week , the majority of people who have contracted the disease from another person , it was an accident and can not talk about regularity. However , the danger remains, and the Chinese authorities are doing everything possible to limit the possible outbreak of a real bird flu epidemic.

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