Sunday, November 3, 2013

0 Flu symptoms 2013: New flu knocks us just 30 minutes

Only half an hour later we are with temperature and cough .

Epidemiologists revealed that this year we will be attacked by terrible flu with rapid damage to the human body. A few hours after infect 'll be knocked out of bed the usual flu symptoms such as fever, muscle aches and malaise. Experts add that the virus this year will be slightly stronger than last year.

The most dangerous in the new flu strain that spread really fast and actually almost no incubation period. In lower organisms concerned can be broken down within half an hour, and at first did not understand what this is all about.

However, the consequences are severe, because the pain in the throat and whooping cough may continue for weeks, if not timely action is taken. This year's flu strain poses dangers and must go to the GP if misfortune overtake us. As soon as you feel the onset of flu symptoms persist main doctor.

According to experts, self generally lies countless dangers. First is unnecessary for antibiotics that improper dosage can cause serious effects on the kidneys and liver. Furthermore, some of the drugs is quite possible to unlock any allergic reaction, but unfamiliar with the composition of drugs a person can fall right on that.

 Note, however, that a visit to the GP can save you from many unpleasant consequences of flu. Timely medical assistance will help you much more quickly to fight off flu symptoms and healed completely.

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