Monday, June 2, 2014

1 Dangerous summer flu 2014

summer flu symptoms 2014

Beware because the end can be fatal!

New summer flu threatens human health and brings death. The reason is that viruses are particularly dangerous and are activated by temperature changes. Suffering from flu this summer, if not pay attention to yourself and treat yourself can get severe complications. These are ear infections, pneumonia, tonsillitis very serious and lead to death.

Virologists warned that unlike the winter flu in the summer form of flu no protective equipment. Because pathogens are fragile and can be easily changed. According to health professionals, methods of disease prevention are extremely small. These are adopting immunostimulants, strong and healthy food and avoid contact with people who sneeze, cough and a fever.

New dangerous summer flu

This is serious, if only for seven days the incidence of flu jumped by twenty percent, warn doctors.

In the initial flu symptoms are blown and pimples all over the body of the child. They confuse doctors that children may be suffering from scarlet fever and treated so. If you do not take the necessary measures, the consequences can be severe, even fatal.

Experts say that children born after 2005 are less at risk from swine flu. The reason is that in the vaccines which have their fight against ingredients and forms of otitis.

However, doctors warn that the smallest flu symptoms people should consult a doctor and seek professional help rather than resort to self-medication. In many cases, it can lead to fatal consequences, even to a tragic end.

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  1. Flu remains a horrible virus for anyone to catch, do you advise vacinations, vacinations to my knowledge don't really protect you to well as the virus tends to mutate and change


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