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0 Summer flu - 10 most popular summer infections

At the height of the summer talking with a specialist for the most common seasonal diseases and infections.

- Do Enteroviruses are the most common viral infections in the summer?

- Not only are they. For the summer season are typical bacterial intestinal infections. This is quite understandable. But really enteroviruses are one of the causes of diseases in the summer.

- Which people suffer most?

- Children. The infection is transmitted by contaminated hands and by contaminated food. In summer temperatures remain on the food creates an opportunity for growth of microorganisms.

- I frequent during the summer cases of intestinal infections and food poisoning in children?

- During the summer, frequent infections of the gastrointestinal tract. They can be both viral and bacterial. It is quite normal to frequent. Summer temperatures, many people gather in one place allows these infections to spread. Personal care each of us must be very strict - wash your hands regularly, avoid contact with sick people, carefully storing food. Normally in summer and frequent viral intestinal infections, and viral bacterial infections.

- How spend intestinal infection elderly?

- Relatively easy. Nevertheless, there are risks of developing serous meningitis and more serious medical conditions.

- What is your advice?

- When there is fever, diarrheal stools, vomiting, and these symptoms last for more than one day, immediately seek GP.

- What other diseases occur during the summer?

- Mostly hepatitis A. The reason for it are also contaminated water and food products. Summer favors the collection of many people in one place. This allows the spread of infection - and those transmitted by the airborne route, and of those related to food preparation. Contingents who suffer most are children in camps.

- Could you tell us something about conjunctivitis in the summer?

- One of the most common causes of disease in children, and in adults, are adenoviral infections. It is they who cause the development of conjunctivitis of PCF on mezadenit.

- What are Adenoviruses?

- They may also exist in a quiescent state. Then, at a certain challenge - eg. colds or reduce the body's defenses are manifested. In such cases, people should seek the help of your GP. And do not think that probemat is innocent! Of course, can intervene and bacterial infections. But summer temperatures and the sun most often cause adenoviral konkyunktiviti

- Do the warm season in digestive disorders such as diarrhea summer?

- Of course. Eating disorders are a large group of diseases. During the summer, most often confronted with salmonellosis. I repeat: the food must be stored properly in the summer heat! Here I can give
one tip

Market sold a lot of quick consumption. If you buy a roast chicken, cream or other product for quick use, consume these foods in the same day, within 12 hours after purchase! Most people do not respect this rule. Usually residues that food put in the refrigerator and used the next day. In summer temperatures in the presence of certain microorganisms dose they multiply and reach the so-called. infective dose. It is usually large and can cause disease.

Most often food poisoning are bacterial origin. Case of salmonellosis. They are becoming more common in the summer.

- When an antibiotic is needed to treat the infection?

- This assesses the general practitioner. One of the wrong things in Bulgaria is the self! I like to say that if one exits and vomit 2-3 times 1-2 times, this is no trouble. Whether this person will drink tea at home, if you give some symptomatic preparation does not matter. Normally the body cope alone with minor intestinal infections. But if you vomit more than 5 times to 10 times and has severe diarrhea, he now needs medical help. That is. Need to be examined by infectious diseases. Water losses lead to electrolyte losses. A compensation of electrolytes should be adjusted by your doctor. No need to look innocent diarrhea or vomiting when more than 4-5 times a day. I wish my message to reach your readers: more than 4-5 vomiting or diarrheal stools require medical supervision! We should not think that diarrhea is a mild disease. We, the doctors, we must be especially attentive to patients. When you lose water and electrolytes, cardiac muscle is threatened. This is especially important for people with chronic diseases (particularly cardiovascular). In such cases untimely measures may lead to death!

- What does healthy nutrition during the summer?

- Fruit, vegetables. In summer the market has enough. Besides good food, we are particularly important good sleep and good rest. If they are missing, you will not succeed in his defense at all harmful agents that circulate this season. The body is important to have as less stress! The food should be varied and rational - it must be present vitamins that are abundant during the summer. We can not just we eat a multivitamin tablet and we think this way we loaded a complex system in your body, which is called immune.

- What to keep kids in the summer?

- Mostly - from sunburns from eating pastries and cakes that have been stored. Should not give products in which there eggs, cream, meat, older than two days! We must protect children from watersheds. In polluted rivers in stagnant water remain enteroviruses. In no case should bathe and play there! In such cases, they absorb water that is contaminated. Thus, at risk of being infected.

- Does the flu in the summer?

- Summer flu is caused precisely by enteroviruses. Currently the country has a circulation of these viruses, which is typical for the season.

- What to take ill in summer flu?

- Symptomatic means. It is very important ongoing relationship with your GP. This connection can also be indirect - by telephone. It is very difficult for a doctor to tell you what to take in mild cases of the summer flu. The approach to each person to be an individual. Can not give general recommendations.

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