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1 Flu symptoms 2013 - Eating after flu for fast recovery of the body.

Pandemic influenza wave that severely affected the U.S.A. cause viral infection in many people, this in an earlier period than traditionally high incidence in this country in late January and early February. As we know, the flu symptoms 2013 cause several deaths in the U.S. and spread to almost the entire country. Flu symptoms 2013 are quite severe and lead to some dangerous complications.

That is why the body after ill health can be restored to the maximum, because, unfortunately, suffered from the new flu virus does not provide immunity against seasonal flu, nor other types of common viral infections.

In order not to enter into a vicious circle "of disease disease" should be a concerted effort. Active and adequate treatment during the acute period of influenza should be followed by comprehensive measures to strengthen and restore the body's resistance.
These measures include nutrition, control of the regime of work and rest, physical activity according to age and general condition and taking appropriate preparations.
In terms of nutrition is the most important in the recovery period to take meals that do not burden the gastrointestinal tract and the cardiovascular system. These are light meat and fish dishes, steamed, dairy in any form cereals. On the other hand, the need is increased food intake of vitamins, especially vitamin C contained.

Very good practice preparing freshly squeezed juices from apples and carrots, beet and citrus fruits. These juices are extremely rich in antioxidants. They retain the useful qualities of the fruit or vegetable, not overloaded with crude cellulose digestion.
People who taking medication should only be careful with grapefruit juice because it can change the way some medicines.

In Bulgaria we have very extensive experience with the use of bee products to strengthen after illness. Bee honey, royal jelly and propolis have an outstanding effect and anti-virus and recovery from infections like flu. These products should not be taken by patients allergic. To restore the appetite very good effect have meat broths. They are not suitable for people with inflammatory gastrointestinal diseases such gastroduodenitis, cholecystitis and colitis.

During influenza illness traditionally immobilizes a person, because the flu symptoms are severe fatigue and frustration. Then you should start gradual load to restore the previous exercise routine without causing shortness of breath and heart rate too high. In early enough short walks outside with appropriate clothing, and in about a week may include swimming and walking in the lower parts of the mountains when the weather is suitable. The heavier physical activities to recover from medical advice and no earlier than 2-3 weeks after a severe flu flowed severe flu symptoms.

Recovery after flu and other diseases have been established and some preparations have very beneficial effects on the body. This product is Sargenor. It contains two essential and totally natural amino acids that directly and saline way support mental and physical condition. Not surprisingly, this drug is also used by perfectly healthy people during the examination sessions, periods of stress at work, strenuous exercise.
Place in a recovery program and probiotic preparations containing beneficial bacteria that normally inhabit the body. Often these microorganisms die after taking antibiotics and probiotic preparations regain normality of the intestinal microflora, which has serious implications for the maintenance of normal immunity.

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