Tuesday, June 4, 2013

0 Bird flu H7N9 attacked again, warning of a pandemic!

avian flu H7N9

Syndicate mail alert these days doctors in France for the presence of an alleged case of the deadly bird flu H7N9. The new bird flu strain was detected for the first time in China in late March, and his victims are now 35. Most of them are from the area of ​​Shanghai. Experts are concerned about the speed with which the virus is spreading faster than its mutation and the possibility of infection has to be passed from person to person.

According to the World Health Organization H7N9 is one of the most lethal influenza viruses can stand on the threshold of a new global pandemic. Mankind has no immunity to the new strain of flu in more than 90% of the clinical forms of the disease are severe, and scientists have not been able to invent a vaccine.

Virus spread are increased

One of the most insidious features of the new avian flu strain that infects birds without Symptoms. That is, without making them sick. This complicates the control of the spread of the virus which can survive for several days in the environment. Scientists are still hoping most worrying scenario - the transmission of the new strain from one person to pass us by. The method of transmission of infection to humans, however, lies a mystery.

If birds are the ultimate source of the infection, how do we explain the fact that almost half of those infected before they get sick from avian flu, had no contact with poultry? Such is the case with a patient ill from H7N9 in Taiwan. Virologists studying the cases of infection within a family. To solve the mystery of the new avian flu H7N9, the World Health Organization launched an investigation in China. Peyris Malik, Professor of Virology and Medical Sciences at University of Hong Kong, suggesting that the wide range of deadly virus responsible merchants to help carry the virus between poultry farms and shops.

In 2002, just infected bird cages have been the key factor in the outbreak of the H5N1 strain in Hong Kong, highlights Peyris. It is quite possible that such traffic is one of the major risk factors for the dissemination and the new virus. What is worrying is that last week the dangerous strain was first discovered in a bird purchased on the wholesale market in Dongguan, Guangdong Province, 100 kilometers from Hong Kong. This, according Peyris perhaps the moment when China and Asia need to review practices in poultry-farming, and Hong Kong to serve them as a model of biosecurity. In the first place should be closed wet markets. It is urgent and large-scale testing of blood samples to look for "silent infections." This will help to answer the question can now H7N9 virus of bird flu is transmitted from person to person.

The study will clarify and whether infected develop only mild symptoms - cases they have not hitherto been discovered and reported. If it is proved that the cause of the virus in poultry, getting rid of the deadly H7N9 strain will not be easy because they are very popular food in the world. But experts fear that the new flu strain can now infect other animals, including pigs, make spreading more widely. Because if H7N9 came out of the continent of Asia, can create more problems than his kinsman H5N1, which failed to evolve, but for now over 63 countries, leaving hundreds of thousands of dead birds behind and took hundreds of lives.

Probability of transmission of the new virus of bird flu, H7N9, from person to person, it is much more!

According to experts, the likelihood of transmission of the new virus of bird flu H7N9, from person to person, it is much larger than the other strains, ITAR-TASS reported.
Experts from the World Health Organization in China compared with other H7N9 strains and have concluded that it spreads faster than them. Its susceptibility to mutation greatly increases the risk of illness. The features of the new virus are not fully explored, scientists warn the authorities in Beijing to preserve the condition of caution.

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