Monday, July 22, 2013

7 Dangerous summer flu can cause diabetes!

Summer flu

I warn physicians of a burgeoning summer flu. It is caused mainly by 6-7 enteroviruses that assail us now. Enteroviruses are developed in the intestine. When young they attack the beta cells of the pancreas, which produce insulin, and thus trigger diabetes, but this is relatively rare. In adults, however, they can strike the heart, causing myocarditis, cause aseptic meningitis, which are treatable, and pain in intercostal space. 

In most cases, summer flu viruses  is rampant now, we bring fever, sore throat, chills, rash, nausea, stomach pain and permanently reside in the toilet. The disease goes away for about a week.

Summer flu vaccine
 not created because enteroviruses have the ability to change all the time. Usually caught up in the human small intestine, within hours it is possible to change to a completely new type. Therefore, good hygiene is the only way to prevent summer flu caused by them.

Enteroviruses are very persistent, so the U.S. against them, special soaps that are commonly used by people active in the plague season.
With enteroviruses can get infected not only by sneezing and coughing around or use of foreign or not well washed utensils, but also touch the handles on the bus or off the railing of the escalator in the metro.
Adherence to them is particularly dangerous due to the fact that in 80% of cases enteroviruses have no clinical symptoms. An infected person may not feel any symptoms a few days, but during that time to infect many people around him.

  The surest way to prevent the summer flu is increasing hygiene and boosting ypur immune system. Avoid when you were in areas with high concentrations of people to get closer to your hands remain, eyes and nose.

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