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2 Influenza and stomach flu - symptoms, prevention and protection

flu symptoms

The medical literature is described flu as Influenza. Influenza is a highly contagious acute respiratory infection that usually occurs in the winter, to be distinguished from gastric flu. Viral Gastric flu is an infection that attacks the stomach and small intestine The flu usually occurs in epidemics. Most affected by the flu are children, people with chronic diseases and immune-suppressed people, although usually flu affects people of all ages.
 Influenza is associated with many complications, such as pneumonia, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, myositis, myocarditis, Reye's syndrome, encephalitis and pericarditis.

Routes of infection
In influenza infection is through inhalation as contact with patien, I.e. when the patient coughs or sneezes. You do not need to be in the room when he could sneeze and cough. these drops fall on different objects and even food.
In gastric flu can zaraita for additions. because the patient's body fluids contain virus stomach flu. Once you have been in contact with the patient from the stomach flu, the virus sticks to you and after you swallow already infected and two or three days you will notice symptoms of gastric flu.

Flu symptoms and manifestation:
The main symptoms of influenza include weakness, muscle pain, fatigue, fever, headache and sneezing. In some cases exhibit stomach flu symptoms and colds. Usually symptoms of influenza pass easily and do not result in complications. However, if you notice these symptoms, contact your doctor immediately. Timely treatment of influenza prevents complications.
Stomach flu symptoms are associated with abdominal pain, indigestion, nausea  vomiting and diarrhea  Often people believe that these symptoms are typical of influenza, but is not. They occur rarely in it.

flu vaccine

Prevention and protection against influenza:

You can make flu vaccine. There are different flu vaccines. But they are not always 100 percent effective because the virus mutates the flu each year. People with low immunity should avoid places with many people during influenza epidemics. Acceptance of immune boosters also a good idea. Like influenza and in stomach flu, basic tips for prevention is enhanced hygiene and avoid places where there are crowds.

If you experience symptoms of the flu or stomach flu symptoms you should consult your doctor for advice. Stomach flu symptoms appear and for food poisoning and other serious health problems

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