Friday, January 3, 2014

0 Flu symptoms 2014: New Bird Flu Strain, H10N8 kill woman in China!

New avian flu strain H10N8

73 -year-old woman died in China of a new strain of bird flu - virus H10N8, Reuters reported. Case in Nanchang, capital of Jiangxi is single, and the risk that the virus will spread to people is small.

The woman died on 6 December 2013 year as a result of respiratory failure and shock. She sought hospital treatment on November 30 with severe pneumonia. Several days later died of respiratory failure and shock . Prior to infection with the virus, the woman went to the local market for live poultry. People who have been in close contact with the woman , were not detected flu symptoms.

Unnamed experts speculate that this is the single and the risk of spreading the virus and flu epidemic is very small.

Bird flu strain H10N8 has not been detected in humans until now. In August, scientists reported the first case of transmission of viruses like H7N9 from person to person.

People should not panic, because the virus is "fragile and limited", explains the doctor .

In the boom of the avian flu strain H7N9 in China at least 139 people fell ill and 45 of them died. The degree of mortality dramatically decreases from the end of June to now. Cases of H7N9 were found in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Although China has previously detected H10N8 in wild and domestic birds, this is the first ever report of H10N8 isolated from a patient. Given the potentially unpredictable behaviour of influenza viruses, vigilance and close monitoring is needed.

WHO reports that outside of China, the virus has been found in at least six countries (Italy, USA, Canada, South Korea, Sweden and Japan) in poultry since 1965 year. For people infected with flu virus strain H10N7 was reported from Egypt and Australia. All these patients were admitted with mild clinical signs have fully recovered.

How to prevent of bird flu :

Avoid contact with sick or dead poultry. Keep children away from poultry.
Avoid touching any surfaces that may have been contaminated with poultry feces or blood.
Do not eat raw or undercooked poultry. Cook poultry to internal temperature of 70°C (until meat is not pink in the centre) and do not touch cooked meat with raw meat.
Clean cooking implements that have been in contact with raw meat before re-using.
Wash hands regularly, especially after handling poultry, while cooking and before eating.
Cover your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze.
WHO does not recommend any specific measures be applied to travellers at this time.
Poultry, poultry products (eggs) and pork can be safely consumed provided they are properly cooked and properly handled during food preparation.

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