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0 Flu vaccine: Scientists develop new flu vaccine.

flu shot
 In recent months, U.S. scientists develop new flu vaccine, and their goal is to create a tool to more effectively protect the people of the coming flu pandemic wave.

With the end of summer and the temperature drops, slowly comes and the season of serious disease for which scientists do not stop looking for a cure. Unlike other vaccines, such as hepatitis B, measles, mumps, polio, thie flu vaccine is improving every year.

In the U.S., even now there are proposals by pediatricians children 6 years and older to be vaccinated as soon as the new vaccine becomes available.

According to the Centre for prevention and control of diseases in the U.S. seasonal flu vaccines reduced to 60% risk of becoming ill.

Experts constantly monitor flu viruses to identify those that are most likely to cause sick humans. After the identification, however, it takes at least six months in order to create a vaccine.

The main problem here comes from the long period during which the development of a vaccine takes. Meanwhile, the virus can evolve significantly and then created a vaccine would not be effective enough.

Researchers working on a revolutionary prevention of influenza - a vaccine to protect against all types of influenza viruses, ie seeking "universal flu vaccine". Its development is at an experimental stage, and initial clinical studies suggest that its creation is completely feasible.

Universal vaccine will provide longer protection. It is also planned to be called once like that measles.

What is the prevention of influenza and acute respiratory diseases?
When is the right time to be vaccinated against influenza?

Means of prevention are divided into two major groups - non-specific and specific.

Limit the spread of non-specific causes of respiratory infections such as covering your mouth and nose with a mask or cloth in speaking, sneezing and coughing, frequent replacement and disposal of used masks at designated locations, good personal hygiene, frequent hand washing and rubbing with wipes or disinfectant.

Specific tools include preparations with specific action regarding influenza viruses - flu vaccines and antivirals.

Essential for the prophylaxis of influenza are the current flu vaccines, which are characterized by good tolerability and proven effectiveness.

Vaccination is held in the fall, at least about 1 month before the beginning of the epidemic, as post-vaccination immunity is formed 15-20 days after vaccination. For our latitudes are the most suitable months from October to November, maybe September.

In humans, for which immunization is strongly recommended, but has not been made in time, the vaccine may be administered in December, taking into account the time required for producing immunity - not less than 2 weeks.

Prophylaxis with antiviral drugs is not recommended as standard practice for a number of reasons, including the risk of selecting resistant strains. In any particular case the decision should be made by a specialist.

What should be the prevention of influenza and acute respiratory diseases in at-risk groups?

The only reliable means of protection from flu influenza vaccines. Therefore, they are highly recommended for risk groups.

For people at risk who have not been immunized because of contraindications, no vaccine or other reasons can be applied to prevent antiviral drugs with a prescription.

What other measures can we take to boost immunity to prevent illness during the winter ?

We must not forget that vaccines protect only the included influenza strains, ie from a serious illness, " flu" during the season, and the development of complications. To prevent other causes of acute respiratory disease should not forget some simple rules, often ventilate the premises and hand washing with warm water and soap.

Other measures to reduce exposure to air pollution indoors than solid fuel stoves, smoking, etc..

Full and proper nutrition is also important. It is extremely important to promote breastfeeding of infants for 6 months.

Provision of adequate sleep and rest is also an important measure to improve the overall health and prevention of flu and other respiratory diseases in winter.

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