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0 Flu symtoms: And this fall, we are not insured by the flu mutation

flu season 2013 - 2014

- What are the forecasts for the expected influenza strains in the new season ? Expect surprises?

Right now it is difficult to make predictions . Influenza viruses have not appeared yet in the Northern Hemisphere.

According to the World Health Organization can expect the emergence of flu strains AH1N1 California, it is possible in some areas to meet and flu strains of AH3N2 Perth , which is known to us from two years ago.

This is somewhat reassuring that the two flu strains have passed through our society and should have some residual immunity in people who have suffered them . On the other hand , as we know , one of the flu virus is very variable , and should not exclude new mutations.

Therefore, to estimate what will be the flu pandemic wave weak or strong by now I can't say.

- A wave of influenza vaccines which will be suitable to use?

If the patient himself has fluctuations what flu vaccine to accept it you should consult your doctor , who advised him most suitable . Putting flu vaccine is a personal choice . In the U.S. the new flu season will be available already and the new quadrivalent flu vaccine . It first includes 4 flu strains - two type A strains and two strains of type B. This provides better protection against flu.

- There are different opinions . Some are opposed to vaccination , others supporters of flu vaccine. Who should be vaccinated?

Experts say that everyone should be vaccinated . This is the only and most secure way to protect not only the flu , but for all diseases for which immunizations are developed . However, there are people who do not need to be vaccinated . Who are you can see in our previous post:

- Which risk groups is recommended to be vaccinated?

Indeed, this is the most important problem. No illusions that flu vaccination should be performed on the entire population. We have no such goals, but to the 2014-2015 season , the need to achieve 75% coverage of vulnerable groups. They are very well defined . These are people over 65 and those with chronic respiratory , heart , internal and metabolic diseases. In fact, this is a large group , it covers the most common diseases. Experience shows that these people must be protected because these complications after suffering flu are most severe , and in some cases fatal.

- What should I do to avoid infection with influenza?

Flu vaccine is the best way. But in life there are different reasons to put it . In this case, always with great skepticism advised to avoid contact with sick . This is impossible . At the beginning of flu epidemics is very large number of people who take the virus. Secondly it is very easy to submit , because becoming airborne . And when sneezing , coughing in public transport , shops and other infection becomes very effective . It is an illusion to say that socially active people can avoid contacts .

- Really treat flu or fight it on foot?

We miss " flu culture " in which at the first flu symptoms - fever , sore throat , coughing , sneezing, we should stop going to work to avoid jeopardizing their colleagues. Unfortunately, these are rare cases.

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