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0 Stomach flu 2013: Bacterial gastroenteritis - symptoms, treatment, causes.

Intestinal bacteria , staphylococci , dirty hands and stale food are just some of the reasons for the unpleasant summer disease

stomach flu symptoms
Bacterial gastroenteritis ( stomach flu ) is one of the so-called summer infections. Most often occurs precisely in the warm weather , and the most affected are children, the elderly and pregnant women .
This disease attacks people while traveling , on the beach , on the train or even at home.

Experts have concluded that bacterial gastroenteritis " flourish " mainly in the summer. This happens because of the high temperature, which helps the bacteria to multiply . A viral gastroenteritis is more common in winter and infection usually becomes airborne .

Overall infection of the digestive system " attack " densely populated areas - kindergartens , schools , camps , restaurants, hikers , beaches, hotels ...

As retailers seem - always carry a disinfecting wipes .
Bacterial gastroenteritis is caused by certain intestinal bacteria , staphylococci pathogenic enteric bacillus , salmonella and microbial dysentery.

Viral gastroenteritis is provoked by intestinal virus called rotavirus. In most cases the infection is a result of dirty hands of spoiled or poorly prepared food, from impure water from dirty objects - knives , forks, towels. And also from raw oysters .
A rare chronic gastroenteritis. It occurs in a serious pathological condition , for example in patients with a diagnosis of cancer .

Symptoms of bacterial gastroenteritis are much stronger and prolonged than that of the viral.

Generally the stomach flu symptoms are acute and variable depending on the causes of pain and response of the organism. Here are the outward signs :

- Nausea or vomiting - often at an early stage;
- Pain in the gut, sometimes less , sometimes very acute ;
- Diarrhea.

According to the experts these are the symptoms of inflammation. There are others - the stools can be a rare and perhaps more common. Sometimes mixed with mucus , and in more severe cases - with blood. Again, experts note that these signs are characteristic of bacterial gastroenteritis. When it tends to increase the temperature . Infection lasts 2-3 days.
Symptoms of bacterial gastroenteritis are much stronger and longer than those of viral gastroenteritis - also known as stomach flu.

The signs of inflammation were detected after one to three days from the time of infection. Viral gastroenteritis heal within 2-3 days. Depending on the level of toxicity ( poisoning ) , the disease can last up to 5 days , maybe 10 days .

Here's the place to say that scientists have developed two vaccines against rotavirus in the form of a mixture . Has them in almost all countries. We recommend that you take advantage of them , it is especially important for children.

Run to the doctor as soon as the first symptoms

Treatment of stomach flu has several phases:

- Hydration of the body and diet . This is a special treatment that involves a very large amount of fluids - mainly water, soup, easily digested meal . This cure most types of viral gastroenteritis.

- Serum introducing liquids. Electrolytes used in the event that has led to dehydration.

- Antibiotics . Accepted only in certain situations. Needed special medication.

- Surgery . This is necessary when it comes to bowel perforation and , of course, happens very rarely . In severe cases of viral and bacterial gastroenteritis patient is being treated in a hospital .

Children, the elderly and pregnant women are most vulnerable. Experts say it is important to call the doctor immediately after detection of the first symptoms. Otherwise may lead to dehydration.

Experts warn

- Do not take anti-diarrheal medicines because it can lead to unintended consequences - entangling or bowel obstruction .

- Do not drink milk and dairy products.

- Do not eat fruit , drink juice or take raw vegetables .

- Lost in these few days pastries and sweet fruit.

- Your doctor will recommend what to eat during this time. Usually had to make do with rice, biscuits , chicken meat , herbal teas, carbonated water.

- Your body needs easily absorbable food to be prepared at home.

- After a few days you can go to the usual diet .

- For infants and very young children need this. Look at pharmacies and supermarkets especially milk against diarrhea - soy or lactose-free . Before you give your child , consult your doctor and follow his recommendations.

- For older children is contraindicated to take ice cream or dairy products because they can trigger diarrhea.

First Aid stomach flu

First and most important is to prevent dehydration. And for this purpose you should be familiar with the signs of this condition :

- Constant feeling of thirst ;
- Dark urine ;
- Dry skin ;
- Dry mouth ;
- Sunken cheeks and eyes ;
- A very small amount of urine or complete lack of one.

Before you find yourself in the skilful hands of the doctor , you should drink plenty of fluids - Add the water a little sugar or salt - better mix them . Rich electrolyte drinks are taken only as prescribed by a physician.
Infants and young children give water with a dropper .
If you are sick , wait half , up to one hour and then start drinking liquids in small quantities.

How to Prevent stomach flu

- Well wash your hands every time before eating and after exiting the restroom . This will protect you from all kinds of infections and diseases. Will avoid contamination with germs and prevent those around you . Teach your children how to wash their hands - a must with hot water and soap. Emphasize the places between your fingers .

- Do not use anyone with the same plate , knife, cup , toothbrush , towel .

- If a family member is ill , avoid close contact with him. Frequently wash your hands , take a bath or shower at every opportunity possible .

- Maintain optimum temperature regime at home - the temperature is not higher than 25 degrees. At higher temperature, the prepared meals you can quickly spoil.

- Very good wash raw fruits and vegetables , whether you bought them from the market, or you type them from your own garden .

- Put almost everything in the refrigerator, especially perishable products - sauces, milk, cream, meat.

- Wash not only your hands but also objects that are used in cutting and touched raw meat. Such are the board and the knife which will then cut the bread, salad and so on.

- Be very careful when you buy shellfish - such as various seafood . Especially if you do not know their origin.

- When you go on vacation or traveling, you should make sure that the staff in the kitchen and bathroom there meets all sanitary and hygienic conditions. These are restaurants , taverns , cafes , eateries , bars , etc.

During travel

- Drink only bottled water , avoid it is very cold .

- Decline of raw food and undercooked meat or fish.

- Always carry a personal hygiene items - toilet paper, soap and towels. There you will find yourself in places where you do not have those things so necessary

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