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0 Flu vaccine for you and your children

flu vaccine for you and your children

 The children are one most at risk groups vulnerable to viruses that cause flu. In the U.S. each year are hospitalized more than 20 000 children under 5 years of age with flu symptoms or complications from influenza , such as pneumonia.The flu vaccine can to protect children from serious diseases and even death.
 Most often in the hospital receives children ill flu under 2 years of age. Also, children between the ages of 2 and 4 often seek medical care from GPs or in emergency centers.

Who and when to be vaccinated against flu?

 The flu vaccine is recommended for all , starting with children from 6 months age by US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

 To have a greater effect than the flu vaccine is advisable to be vaccinated immediately when vaccines are available in the fall. The objective is to sufficiently during your body to build immunity against influenza virus before flu season is in height. If your child turns 6 months old, in the middle of winter , not
worry . No problem to get your flu shot, even in late January or beginning of February .

How many times should be vaccinated?

 Your physician can tell you how many doses you need , you and your child . some children St require 2 doses of influenza vaccine , especially if you get vaccinated for the first time .
 This year, the U.S. market will show the new quadrivalent flu vaccine can eliminate the need for 2 doses of flu shot.

When you shouldn't be vaccinated against the flu?

 Should not be vaccinated adults and children who have an allergy to eggs.
The reason is that influenza vaccines grown in chicken eggs and contain scars
egg protein .
Not called influenza vaccine to children under 6 months.
Not vaccinated people who have had a severe reaction to a previous vaccination .
Flu vaccine is put to children and adults with the illness with fever .
After they pass the disease can be vaccinated .
If you have questions about whether or not to vaccinate , popitayde your doctors .

Why each year the flu vaccine is changed?

 Each year, scientists develop a new influenza vaccine based on the flu strains which have been in circulation previous flu season . Over the past 30 years influenza vaccines protect against three different flu strains , two strains of influenza type A and one strain of type B. This year, for the first time will be placed quadrivalent flu vaccine that will protect against 2 strains of type B.
 Influenza type A strains are those that cause flu epidemicsand pandemics have severe complications , even death. Strains of type B had less severe symptoms and
pass by lightly .
 Influenza vaccines have about 60% success in preventing the flu. This is Because we each flu season there influenza strains which are not included in the vaccine. But if you vaccinated and still get flu , thanks to the vaccine will fight easier with flu symptoms and recover more quickly.

Are there any side effects from the flu vaccine?

 The main side effect of the flu vaccine is pain around the injection site . This is because they almost all vaccines were placed intramuscularly with the most frequently put in the shoulder. Some children , especially those who have not suffered from the flu so far , may exhibit influenza symptoms such as mild fever , muscle aches and fatigue. These symptom can could continue up to 2 days .
 When using a nasal flu vaccine , some children exhibit flu like symptoms fever, headache, vomiting, fever,  muscle pain and wheezing.
 Other severe allergic reactions are rare , but may occur in all influenza vaccines. If you feel unwell or if you notice any symptoms your child see a doctor !

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